Thursday, March 8, 2007


This week I have successfully survived five sicknesses. First the flu, followed by a cold, on into pink eye, back into the flu, and have emerged with bronchites. that's why I've been out of touch w/ everyone.
Ok, here's some pics. First is some new yarn I'm trying out: Patons something or other...I forget. Anyway, its 50%wool/50%soy. Super soft..has an alpaca feel to it. Not that drapey. It reminds me of very soft Barbie doll hair. Weird, huh? I'm trying to make this from Kim Hargreaves' collection. I'm waiting till Pink Peppercorns gets more ribbons in...I want to use one for the handle on this bag. Also, I'm thinking of changing the temple on this blog so as to allow comments. Whatcha think? I think so.

Here is an upclose of the texture...

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