Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Featured, Finished and In Progress

First, I was featured in Coonie's blog after she ordered a caplet from my Etsy shop... Thanks, Coonie! Glad you like it! go check out her blog; it's good stuff!

Next, I finished a caplet in the shell lace pattern. I used my recycled acrylic yarn in "Green Goddess". I call it "Celery Stix". How creative is that! It's in my shop...

And last, a fishnet lace pattern from IK's summer '07. I'm using Plymouth Sunsette which, unfortunatly, is discontinued. This is the second time I cast on for this baby. I messed up on the first 5 rows after I knit 40 inches. ah, the joys of knitting! anyway, to keep w/ the food theme, I'm calling it "a la tomato". It shall be in the shop shortly!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for mentionning my blog, Lauren. It seems my readers like my new capelet :)
    I hope some of them will visit your shop and buy some of your items :)

    Take care