Wednesday, March 26, 2008

new knits

Been knitting some! I still haven't finished my Feb. Jaywalkers, partly because I lost my second sock I was working for about a week, then after I found it, I couldn't get back in the groove. So I started this:

Pattern is really easy so far. I could not get gauge; mine was slightly smaller, but thats a good thing. An easy way to convert the pattern for a extra-small. It's a real cute pattern and I think I'll be able to wear it a lot, which is important to me. I hate spending all that time making something and then never wear it. Wasteful.
Got to catch up with some friends last night! First Mel, the Lydia, who, if you've been keeping up with her blog, is currently in the Boston area. Having fun. =)
Aaaand I declare this the first day of spring. It actually feels like it! 70 degree weather, birds singing, etc. I'm off to enjoy it!

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