Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Design on a Dime

I remodeled my bathroom this weekend! It looks so much better. Before, it was just white, white, white. I changed that. Here are some pics!
I painted the walls a dusty teal and trimmed in white. Hint: go to Lowe's and pick out your favorite color (mine was from Eddie Bauer 'Seaside' line). Then, take your paint sample to Wal*Mart and they can match it for half the price. Same quality paint, too.

See the cute little giraffe? He's a vintage toy that my great-grandfather made for my dad. I still wanted to add a touch of whimsicality to the bathroom, so I chose giraffes and brightly colored towels.

Yes, I know those towels are too short, but for the sake of a picture, I hung those up. =)

Lights off, lights on.

Liking the 'tile'? Me too. That was fun to do. I got six big bags of pebbles at a craft store and began my first tiling project. fun, fun.

Another note: this is a somewhat 'green' bathroom. The rug, towels and shower curtain are all 100% organic cotton. We also invested in a cork mat to put by the shower. It's bacteria resistant, hypoallergynic and we are saving the Mediterranean Cork Forest by purchasing it. Woohoo! If you want one, we bought ours at

I love remodeling. I was this close to going into Interior Design as a major, but who needs a degree to decorate a bathroom?? yeah, that's what I said.


  1. Hey, I really Like it ....what a great idea to use pebbles for tile! It has a "rich" professional look.
    CONGRATULATIONS! a Job well done!
    Love Grandmom

  2. i love it lauren! i can't wait to have a place that we don't rent so i can do that to my spaces!!! beautiful job dear.

  3. Oh Lauren this looks really nice! I like it :)

  4. Great Job! This is one of those that will have exclamation marks after every sentence because I'm so impressed! You be multi-talented! You be for hire?! (Yet still, the exclamation mark made its way in there!)