Saturday, July 12, 2008

Did you know yarn talks?

hmm. I've been so disappointed in my knitting lately. And my yarn. The majority of my yarn is someone elses stash or recycled sweaters. Nothing magnificent or truly mine. Which probably explains why it's so hard to get inspired when I look at the piles of yarn. Last week I started a project from Norah Gaughan. With some blue cotton/acrylic and a tiny bit of mohair. I was really excited when I swatched for it: the color was great, I was getting gauge. But then I started up the pattern and the stitch definition was horrible! It look like my cat just chewed it up and spit it out. Limp, lumpy. Yuck. But I pressed on. Finished the pattern. And chucked it. Threw it all away. Including the remaining three balls. I can't tell you how liberating it felt! I proceeded to do this with my remaining recycled yarn. It's gone. And I think this is the reason I've developed a "writer's block''. When yarn doesn't speak to you, what is one to do? When the piles of badly plied, lumps of flat colored yarn stare at you, how are you to respond? Most of all when it's not your yarn to begin with, how can it be really yours? It feels like someone else is in my stash, glaring at me, waiting to be knit, but with someone else's patterns and inspiration.

So let's talk about some truly inspiring yarns. Yarn that is alive. And I know I've used the word 'inspiring' at least three times, but isn't that where it all begins?

I've heard so much about Sundara's yarn. And after seeing the things of beauty that Jared had made, I dove deeper. And haven't come up for air. This yarn is living! It shimmers, it speaks! You'll notice that practically all the yarn is unavailable. I wonder why.

Next is the famed Malibrigo yarn. Oh wow. Talk about light! This yarn simply glows.
And that's just speaking of the dyed yarns. Fiber is a whole other story.

I could go on. But simply, the yarn needs to speak. It will tell you what is destined to become. It will inspire you. Just listen!

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