Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Knitting

I got some goodies in the mail! I've been searching for the Classic Elite Summer #2 and Make it Modern for sooo long. Thanks to the dear people over at Ravelry, they made my wish come true! I was greatly disappointed however, in the "books". These are pamphlets. I paid $15 for a pamphlet. Grr.. a waste of money, especially if there was only like two things I wanted to make in each one. Whatever. And speaking of Classic Elite, I picked up this hank of alpaca over on Etsy. Someone was cleaning out their stash and I got it for a song. Super soft. I have no idea what I'll make with it. Thoughts?

Annnd...I finally started Josephine! I was totally enjoy working on the Minimalist Cardigan, don't get me wrong. We went up to Summersville a few weekends ago to a friend's campsite. I brought the cardigan along with me to work on, since I didn't plan on going boating. So I was sitting next to the fire, positively roasting, and it dawned on me that I was knitting: A) a sweater, B) with alpaca and C) in 100 degree heat. Yeah, I'm smart like that. Plus it's almost Fall! I could have had Josephine done and over with and have been wearing it! So I started it the next day and I love it. I have never enjoyed knitting a top this much! So I'm loving it. Hopefully I can get it done before summer is over...

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  1. Lauren this looks so cute! I look forward to seeing it :)