Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Burden Bear-ers

"Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." —Galatians 6:2

What does it mean to "bear" a burden? It means to:
*Carry something for someone
*To take away
*To put upon our shoulders
*To relieve another of some weight
*To sustain, uphold or support

It goes much further than simple sympathy or just a quick token of help. It is much more than "I'll be praying for you" which we often say to make ourselves feel better but have no real intention of actual doing (or maybe we do intend to but don't take the steps necessary to see it through). Sometimes we use "I'll pray for you" as a reason not to do something harder, like taking time or giving money. I understand that prayer is important, prayer is powerful and prayer is commanded... but let's be honest that sometimes its easier to say we'll pray for someone than it is to stop and take time from our own lives to help someone.

The word of God reveals that burdens may be handled in three ways. Some may be shared with others; other burdens must be borne by every man himself (see under Galatians 6:1); and of a third class, the Scriptures command, "Cast thy burden upon the Lord" (Psalms 55:22)

There is many a load of life that grows infinitely lighter under the touch of a friendly hand or the sound of an encouraging word. When the storms of life's deepest emotions have been unloosed by overwhelming experiences, it is the glory of Christians to "rejoice with those that do rejoice, and to weep with those who weep." Love and toleration for the weak, and loving compassion for the needy, as well as love and appreciation for every soul's unique and eternal value "in Christ" can ease the burdens of the weary and bless the giver and the receiver alike.

Bearing the burdens of our fellow Christians is an act of love that fulfills Jesus' command to love God and love your neighbor (others in need). That's a pretty exciting, tangible and fulfilling reward from a command that is very easy to understand: bear the burdens of your fellow Christians, and you will be keep Jesus' command to love God and love your neighbor.


  1. This is so true.... thanks for posting this!

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  2. Wow, a new look! I was really blessed by this post, Lauren... thanks for sharing :)