Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Once in a While}

Every once in a while, the clouds break and the sun shines through.

The air clears and I can see.

I can see clearly, like through an open door, an open book, an open mind.

The dust settles after months of searching in clutter; looking for the obvious, the apparent, with a closed mind, a closed book, a closed door.

Oblivious to the obvious.

Every once in a while, my eyes open and I see what I've been missing.

It is sparse, it is rare.

I can only see it if my eyes are open, if I am ready and expecting it.

It comes every once in a while.

It does not stay for long.

It's like the full moon or the changing seasons or the way newborns smile.

Catch it, capture it, hold it close.

And then, let it go.

by: me

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