Tuesday, May 29, 2007

swapping scarf

Here is my Cherry Blossom Scarf, ready for the Free People swap!

I chose the country of Japan and the gorgeous cherry trees as my inspiration. Bro #2 took the pics and contributed his guitar case and those are antique trunks from my grandparents attic.

Enjoy, swapper!
(see the rest on Flickr)


  1. darling, did you sign me up for the free people swap? because I can't figure out who did! haha - someone had to, and my swap partner emailed me from canada.

  2. Ahhh yes! That (apparently) slipped my mind. I actually started making something right away when I found out I had a swap partner. Wouldn't want her disappointed :] I'm making wind chimes with colorful glass and broken mirror pieces with buttons and accessories that are just... fun. It's turning out beautifully. I think I'm a bit delayed sending it off, but it'll be soon - we've both been in contact. :]

    how have you been, lauren?

  3. wow, that sounds so beautiful! I love wind chimes. They are so soothing. I have been good. We need to get together=)

  4. I knit too but am not as tallented. Beautiful scarf! I love the cherry blossoms. I hope I get something as neat as this from my partner.