Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year, New You

Here are a few things I have discovered after not taking class for a whole semester. (And by "class" I mean a ballet class, not to be confused with an educational of any kind. puhleez.) (And you probably have to be somewhat familiar with ballet to get these. sorry.)
* my grande plies look like demis
*grande battements resemble degages or even...tendus
*I snap, crackle and pop every time I reach for something, walk or generally move
*what is turnout?
* forget entrechat quates
Amazingly though, I can still do all three of my splits and a pretty mean cambre. grin.
So, I hereby resolve to take at least two technique classes this new year. I simply must get back in shape. (yeah, yeah)
My brother got me Jack Johnson's cd Christmas. I LOVE it! His style (Jack's) totally fits whatever mood I'm in. It can go lonesome, winsome or the understated, contained joy which is a crazy, amazing thing I love. Go listen.
This Christmas has been interesting, but good. Definitely a season of change. And there will be plenty more changes in my life the next couple of months. I'm learning not to hold on to tradition too tightly. . . We did so many things different this year. Broke a few traditions and started some new ones.
"Behold, I am doing a new thing." Isaiah 43:19
2008. . . A Year of New Beginnings.
Happy New Year!

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