Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I joined a sock Knit-a-long over on Ravelry the other day. Here is the proposed schedule of socks for the year:

January: Basic Crew of your choice
February: Jaywalker/UFO
March: Tube sock of your choice
April: Anklet of your choice/UFO
May: Knitty pattern of your choice
June: Fair isle/multi color sock of your choice or UFO
July: Lacy sock of your choice
August: Cabled sock of your choice/UFO
September felted footwear of your choice
October: pink sock of your choice (Breast Cancer Awareness month)
November: UFO Month
December: Christmas socks of stocking of your choice

So for January I chose the On-Your-Toes pattern from IK's summer 07. It called for some Jitterbug, and wouldn't you know, I just got some from Vanessa's stash=) Remember that lovely? I just finished turning the heel and should be done by tonight. I plan on watching To Catch a Thief w/ Cary Grant and see if I can't crank out that sock.
I'll post a pic of it soon. It is positivly yummy!

And in case you are wondering, I did not finish my scarf for my brother. You would think with a week before Christmas and then two more weeks after that that I would have finished it, but noooo. Bad sister.

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