Saturday, December 19, 2009

{Tucked Away}

I'm snowed in. We had a fantastic downpour of snow over the night and woke up to what looked like Narnia. Beautiful. I had to cancel my last two days of classes and a performance this weekend due to the snow, but I am not complaining. This Christmas break couldn't come soon enough and the blizzard just gave me three extra days!

This Monday some random illness got to me. I know it was from a lack of rest; I haven't been sleeping well and when you mix that with being extremely physically active for long periods of time, buddy it'll getcha.

I was like, "Really? Are you serious? My two days off and I'm bedridden? Have you ANY idea how much I have to do??"
Miraculously, the day I went back to work, I was four pounds lighter and as healthy as could be with an extra boost of energy. Told you it was random.
Now I'm all properly tucked away for the winter with this, this and this on my needles, Challah bread in the oven and Chicken & Wild Rice soup simmer on the stove.

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