Thursday, January 21, 2010


There's this old Civil War era house that used to stand right outside our neighborhood. Story has it that two Generals sought refuge in this house and the family was kind enough to shelter them. In return, the generals promised to protect the family and the house was spared from being attacked. It was a huge two story, white mansion. It had a small greenhouse to the left of the porch where I can imagine a lush selection of flowers and herbs were carefully tended. There was also an octagon shaped gazebo with beautiful lattice walls and quaint benches facing each other where I just know the Mr. and the Mrs. relaxed during the lazy summer evenings.

I loved this house dearly and had every intention of buying it and fixing it up. I imagined raising my family there and watching my children play in the huge front yard. I was especially looking forward to celebrating the 4th of July (it seemed like an appropriate holiday to celebrate, with the house's rich history, etc.) I saw the red, white and blue bunting that I would drape over the long railing of the wrap around porch. And the gazebo was lit up with white lights and the children were running around the yard with sparklers and ice cream cones were in hand.

I never really looked into the details of the house. Never peeked int he windows or inquired of the owners. It was just a vacant piece of history that I drove by each day.

And then one day a bulldozer and a dump truck parked in the front yard. and the next day they were gone, leaving the ruins of memories and dreams in a pile of rubble.

It was then I decided to go visit the house. I brought Joel with me to take some pictures...

...all that's left is a pile of rubble and the servants quarters...

...sitting on the front steps of the house...

...this is the driveway that leads up to the house...

Be sure to check out Joel's blog for more photos. And he's available for hire ;)

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  1. oh lauren dear. Is this the house over in Poca? I think you might have had competition, for i to dreamed of buying that house and fixing it up. When i saw it had been torn down i was very sad and upset, I was not aware of the history of the house though. So thank you for sharing :) the pictures are beautiful by the way:)