Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We have joined the coupon craze. We watched a few episodes of Extreme Couponing (on TLC or YouTube) for inspiration and then made a game plan.

First, on Sundays, we get a Sunday paper with inserts. Friends and family are a great help in saving their inserts for us; also check your local library for even more inserts. There's usually a whole stack of them from the various papers the library receives throughout the week. 
Next we make our list for things we need (grocery items) and things we need to stock up on (toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.) and then we plug in what we need to what's on sale in the store ads. The trick is to use the coupon on the sale item which hopefully will be the item on your shopping list!

So on Monday, we sort...

clip and stack....

and Tuesday we shop. Try to frequent only one grocery store and one pharmacy, otherwise you will just get bombarded with sale ads and getting roped into so many store rewards programs will be overwhelming and unproductive.

Here are a few sites that are very encouraging, informative and helpful:

Faithful Provisions

Clipper Girl

Hip 2 Save

This is such a frugal way of shopping! There are so many benefits to couponing; I will definitely be using my coupon 'skills' in my household someday :)


  1. Wow, this is really helpful Lauren! Thanks for posting! I've been trying to use coupons but have been frustrated as I don't want to pay for the Sunday paper.... those websites look really good though!

  2. Couponing has been such a help to us! Agreed: we try not to pay for a Sunday paper. The library is the number one place to go for free coupons!
    Last week, we trimmed our $300 grocery bill to right around $125 :)