Monday, December 26, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Some frivolous, some bold. Goals, all the same.

1.) I really want to go to the very top of our state's capital building dome. All the way up. I've heard there's a little man who sits guard by the door that leads up. The view, I imagine, is fabulous from up there.

2.) I want to get involved in a Bible study/prayer group. Essential.

3.) I want to test drive a spiffy sports car and speed down the highway. Just for like a few minutes.

4.) I want to travel out of state more. Last year I only made it to Ohio, New York and North Carolina. I can do better. So far, on my planner for the coming year is Chicago, Illinois in January and Jackson, Mississippi in June.

5.) Meet new people! Develop new acquaintances and deepen relationships. Expand my circle of friends.

6.) I think I want to run a marathon.. I've been running for a while. My original purpose of running was to clear my head, pray, and push my body in ways similar to that of when I danced. However, I'd actually like to train for an event and set goals for myself.

7.) I want to take some ballroom dancing lessons. Really bad.

8.) Get married. There, I said it. Bold and rash? Perhaps. Anything can happen.

9.) Significantly decrease the amount of clothing in my closet. Significantly.

10.) Significantly increase my vocabulary. Apparently, I'm lacking.

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