Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Workin' On it!

Well, let's see. Here's an update on my goals for this year. I'm actually surprised at how much I've accomplished. I am either currently working hard on said goals, or realizing that some are not that important/wise/ or just plain old unrealistic. So. Let's take this one by one. (You can read my goals in all their glory here.)

Item 1.) Climb to the top of our State's capital building. I'm not scratching this off the list. For some reason, I've frequented the Capital more so than usual the past month. I've been a part of Art's Day and have used it as a weekly meeting place. So, now the next step would be to befriend a local (a.k.a. a Senator). I've actually met a few wives of Senators and Delegates who pop in to the yarn shop on occasion (new job::long story), so there's potential! Fingers are crossed.

Item 2.) Get involved in a Bible Study/Prayer Group. While I'm not involved in a former study, I'm definitely studying and praying with a few very close friends. I still want to work on something bigger, so this goal is in progress.

Item 3.) Test drive a sports car. I've also turned my attention to motorcycles. They go fast. I like fast. Fingers are crossed here, too.

Item 4.) Travel out of state. Wow. This one was easier than I expected. Right off the bat, I went up to visit Jordan in Ohio and from there we drove up to Indiana for a bit. A few weeks ago, my grandmother passed away, so that was a trip to Pittsburgh. In another few weeks, I'll be off to a different part of Ohio to visit an old friend. So yay. Check mark for me!

Item 5.) Meet new people/deepen relationships. This is happening! Definitely have met new people and working hard to strengthen the friendships I do have. Another check mark.

Item 6.) Run a marathon. Ok, this is one of those goals that is just unwise at the time. I was working towards a half marathon in April, but it just wasn't happening. I would not have had ample time to prepare, plus the weather was/is cold, and I need to get at a healthy weight before I start losing calories. And I need new shoes. :) This sounds like a lot of excuses, haha. Eventually, friend. It'll happen.

Item 7.) Ballroom lessons. You guys! This is happening too! As part of a fundraiser, The Macholah Ballet is bringing in ballroom instructors for our Gala! Learning Swing, Waltz and Foxtrot. Check mark.

Item 8.) Get married.  Hahahahahahahahaha. Pardon me. Fingers are crossed. :)

Item 9.) Decrease my clothing. Checkmark. Went through all my clothes and have piled and sorted them for Ebay, Goodwill and consignment shop. I have a lot of clothes.

Item 10.) Increase my vocabulary.  I am doing this by reading more. Lots of Matthew Henry and G.K. Chesterton.

It's happening! I'm very pleased. Maybe I'll make another set of goals in a few months.

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  1. Girl, if you plan a marathon... or half, I will so come run it with you!