Friday, August 29, 2014

Jolly Good Gyro

I firmly believe that you can find some of the most delicious food in the most unexpected places. The little mom & pop, hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be a jewel of a find.
Last week Matt came home and told me that he had, "THE BEST GYRO EVER". 
At a donut shop. (!!!)
I raised my eyebrows, so he took me out to lunch Saturday and we both had...THE BEST GYROS EVER.

Now, Jolly Pirate Donuts is a place I would drive by. Never would I ever go there, ON PURPOSE. It's old, shabby, and in a sketch part of town. They were/are famous for their fried-not-baked donuts and the baker's dozen (13 instead of a traditional 12).

At some point, no one knows when, no one knows why, JPD started to make gyros.
And homemade tzatziki sauce.
And herbed fries with feta sprinkled on top.
And the underground foodie world raised their eyebrows.
And the word spread and here we find ourselves in a dingy donut shop eating gyros.


Ok, FINE. We got some donuts, too.

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