Friday, February 27, 2015

hashtag hippie status

This post is brought to you by the song the won't leave my head by Taylor Swift (oh yes). Sing with me.

The day I became a hippie was the day of Sweet Freedom, a.k.a. the day I was able to leave the house after a week of being completely snowed in.

Maybe it was the cabin fever, but I reached hippie status when I walked into Wholi Moli and saw an orange chunk of glowing salt. #gimmie

Or maybe (yes) it was already on my list of Things to Help Eliminate the Toxins in my House, but it's whatever.

So what am I talking about? 

Salt Lamps! Salt lamps are exactly what it sounds like: a big rock of salt with a light bulb inside of it, mounted to a platform.

Before I tell you the benefits of a salt lamp, I'm going to tell you why you need one.

It is because sometimes indoor air can contain more toxins than outdoor air. 
Think about it. Carpet. Paint. Furniture. Household cleaners and supplies. Beauty products. Air fresheners. Pets, smoke and whatever else the cat may drag in. This chemical concoction is swirling around within the four walls of our house and we are breathing it in. It is especially bad in the winter when we stay inside the most and the toxins just cycle through the air day after day. Gross.

Chemical exposure can lead to so many health risks from lagging headaches and restless nights of sleep to major disorders of all kinds.

My warpath to a healthier home  has led me to creating a list of things to remove as many toxins as I can from my life, concentrating on my home.

Here's the (easiest) best way you can purify the air in your home.


Fresh air does wonders at circulating the stale, toxin laden air in your home with the oxygenating clean air of the great outdoors. We love to open our windows at night and breathe in a full 8ish hours of fresh air while we sleep. During the day, I will crack open a few windows in the kitchen while I bake or in the living room while I fold laundry. It makes my home smell fresh and clean!

BUT. What if it's the dead of winter and freezing cold outside? I mean it's time to seal the windows not open them, right? Right.

That's where other forms of air purifiers come in when you can't throw those windows wide open; using plants, candles and salt lamps to naturally remove toxins in your home are affordable and easy to integrate!

Here are the amazing benefits of salt lamps and why it brought me over to hippie-land.

When the bulb in the lamp warms the salt, it attracts moisture to the lamp. When it evaporates, they emit negative ions into the air. It basically pulls the toxins from the air, neutralizes them, then releases the negative ions.

This is where you need to know how important negative ions are. Have you ever walked outside right after a storm? Or walked into a greenhouse, through the mountains or around a waterfall? That heavy, clean, full of oxygen, sweet smelling air is FULL and RICH with negative ions! God's all-natural way of purifying air!

Negative ions do two things: one, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain (making you more alert and focused!) and two, increase serotonin (making you more happy and uplifted!) once it reaches our bloodstream.

Your TV, computer, microwave and other electrical appliances produce positive ions when used and have the complete opposite affect on your bodies. Limited use is encouraged :)

It is recommended that you place a salt lamp in places that you find yourself the most, for example an office would be a fabulous place; all the electrical equipment that you are most likely surrounded by in prime breeding ground for positive ions. A bedroom is another ideal location. Warm, yellow-orange-red light is so good to fall asleep to; unlike the blue-green lighting, it does not interrupt our sleep hormones, making for an awesome night's sleep.

I placed mine in the kitchen for the time being.

You should know that there are imitation Himalayan Salt Lamps out there. This crystal is literally a hunk of salt; you could crush it up and flavor food with it if you want. If your lamp isn't salty (lick it! Do it, hippie!) then it may be an imitation lamp. I found mine at a local health food store (medium size, under $40)

Shop small and buy through an Etsy shop if you can't find one locally!

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  1. I've been wanting one of these!! So cool to read more info about them here... thanks! :)