Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{a bit of sunshine}

Oh we were desperate for sunshine. Just a peek from the sun would be wonderful! This 'six more weeks of winter' old Phil predicted was just yucky.
My mother's birthday is coming up this Friday and I wanted to give her a a few rays of sunshine as a present. Her old socks from last year already have a hole in the heel so it was time for a new pair anyway.
I looked for a pattern on Ravelry for tube socks, since I only had about a week or so to knit these up and I was kind of crunched for time. The only patterns I could find were all ribby and boring. So I swatched some stitch patterns and voila! Rays of sunshine. At least, I think they look like rays! 

Furiously knitting with, guess what! Real sunshine peeking through the windows!
Hope to get this pattern written up soon to share with you.

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