Friday, March 4, 2011

{I'm being crafty}

I'm being crafty. For real. People always tell me how crafty/creative I am, but I don't really consider knitting a real 'craft', it's more of an art, I guess. Anyway, my dear, dear friend is getting married this summer and when us bridesmaids were over at David's Bridal a couple months ago trying on dresses, we all decided that we want to wear one of these in our hair. It would be a lot more versatile if the flower was on a clip instead of a really tight, stretchy headband, so I decided to copy it. 


I'm really happy with them! I got the feathers on Etsy and had plenty of scrap material and flowers leftover from recitals, etc. so I was set.

Here is a really horrible, terrible, no good picture of me modeling the clip. Just look at the flower clip. Not me. And imagine my hair is in this really beautiful up-do with curls framing my face and the flower clip is place just so behind my left ear. Now, isn't that pretty?

On another crafty-ish note, here's another baby cardigan to show off! I was klickity-klicking away, trying to finish this for a baby shower last week, but it wasn't going to happen no matter how late I stayed up to work on it. I finished it at leisure, and absolutely love the results. The buttons are really neat: cork!

Pattern || Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys
Yarn || Louet Gems Opal, Willow 
Needles || size 5, Susan Bates

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