Sunday, July 13, 2014

Failli :: Connecting

I am a dancer. In ballet,  the name 'Failli' refers to a particular ballet movement;  it  is a connecting step, connecting one movement to another.

Ballet is just as much a part of me as knitting and creating. I began taking ballet classes around the same time as when I learned how to knit. I needed something to keep both my hands and my feet occupied. When my grandmother sat me down and gave me scraps of brown and yellow yarn and long, cumbersome needles she was instructing me in a craft that was taught, shared and connected throughout many generations.

Whether through a memory or visual contact, knitting IS connecting.

Those on the home front during WWII knitted for their soldiers and with every stitch felt closer and contributed love and practicality to the war effort.
A handknitted heirloom to wrap up a wee one brings up sweet memories of the loving hands that stitched together such a piece.

We connect through love; passing on art, technique, memories and heirlooms making this a beautiful dance of the generations.

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