Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Yoga is my jam now!  (in regards to fitness!)

I started a few Zumba classes at the beginning of the year and while I LOVED how many calories I burned and the high energy dance moves, my poor old joints just couldn't take it. I had somehow twisted my knee and I needed to find something low impact.

I don't know why I decided to try yoga; I had never had a class before and aside from child's pose, I was really pretty ignorant of the practice. 

I did a little research about and came across a unique studio located in the Heritage Station, an old train station.

After a few classes, I was in love. It was the perfect blend of strength and flexibility, low joint impact and it wasn't, you know...weird.

I found out the studio was going to host an open air yoga class with all proceeds going to United Way, so I immediately signed up. 

Yogi's came from near and far! Yoga-Motive pictures are below:

Rolling out the mats!

Tree pose.

Can you find me? I'm on the front row, in the middle with a purple mat, purple shirt and gray shorts :)

This is my teacher, Ashley!

The storm was rolling in so we had to cut the event short and get out of there!

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